Point85 is a UK limited company set up to provide engineering services in Suffolk and Norfolk. The company was started by James Brown in 2014. James studied Electronic and Electrical Engineering at the University of Portsmouth and received a first with honours in Electronic and Electrical Engineering.

After graduating James decided to work Freelance while starting up the 20-20 Group at Hethel Engineering Centre in Norfolk with a group of like minded engineers. While freelance James undertook various projects inside and outside of the 20-20 Group for many companies. Projects ranged from bespoke websites and web applications to semi-automated end of line test machines and bespoke DAQ equipment.

Now a contract engineer, James started Point85 to promote his engineering services, and to continue to develop and explore other ideas.

James has a keen interest in automotive control and engine managment systems. James has worked in a team designing and testing a small engine management system from the ground up, as well as worked for a large vehicle OEM project managing various car control modules through the vehicle design and development phase.

James has worked in the superyacht industry designing and developing control systems for large energy storage systems.

More recently, James has been working on an R&D project relating to a new spray technology covering multiple indutries. As the lead electronics engineer James has been responsible for developing control strategys, designing control circuits, writing control software and testing and implementing designs. This project has covered the design, build and test of lab equipment, test controllers and assembly equipment.