Electronic Engineering Services.

Electronic engineering design and R&D Services.

Point85 provides electronic engineering services from research and design all the way through testing to manufacture.
With over 10 years experience we have worked on many projects in many sectors including marine, automotive and medical.

"Point85 helped us with our initial design and prototype of an IOT sensor. James' knowledge on current technologies and components enabled us to test proof of concept while swiftly moving onto a design suitable for manufacture."

Recent projects include:

  • Design and production of a test rig to aid in the assembly of automotive injection parts.
  • Design, prototype and testing of a low energy, solar powered IOT temperature sensor.
  • Design and prototype of a low cost, high sensitivity turbidity sensor for monitoring of water conditions.
  • PLC software and HMI displays for a 600kW/600KVA energy storage system.

Bespoke Software

Software written in Ladder/Structured Text, C, C#, Java, PHP and HTML for embedded and industrial control, PC and Android applications. Either on a custom platform or a development platform such as Arduino.

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Circuit Design

Having a good circuit design from initial concept can give your product the foundation it needs to be successful. Point85 can support you from component specification and sourcing all the way through to final circuit design.

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PCB Design

Professional PCB design and fabrication.
From concept through to production.
Single layer, multilayer and flex PCB design.

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